Need to Move Out Furniture Temporarily? Sign on with a Storage Unit for One Month

The way you have your home set up may be perfect for your family. But, it may not be suitable when you want to have several family members come over and stay at your home for a week or two. This can put you in a predicament because you may not want to clutter up your garage with furniture pieces. This can quickly get in the way of allowing your family to park their rental cars inside the garage. [Read More]

Keeping Computers In Good Shape For The New Move

If you're moving to another home, a lot of things can break on the way there. Whether from accidental drops, fatigue during carrying, or not knowing just how rough the roads can be on sensitive equipment, you could unbox a cracked set of monitors, motherboards, and video cards when you set up your computer. To understand how to keep your computers safe whether you're moving on your own or using residential moving services, here are a few computer preparation tips. [Read More]

Three Tips For Estimating The Cost Of Your Local Move

If you're hiring a local moving company to help you relocate your belongings, it's best to get an in-home estimate done if you want an accurate idea of how much it will cost. If you're not ready to contact anyone just yet, though, you can get a general idea of how much your move will cost using these three tips. Determine How Long It Will Take to Move The first thing you need to know to help you estimate your move is that local movers typically charge by the hour. [Read More]

Putting Your RV Into Storage For A Year Or More? Follow These Preparation Steps

Many people put their RV into storage for a few months in the winter. While preparation is required, you can get away without doing too much prep since you're pulling the RV out of storage in just a few short months. But when you're planning to store your RV longer-term -- for a year or more -- you need to be especially vigilant in your preparatory efforts. Here are some tasks you won't want to skip. [Read More]